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    Others make software for computers. We make software for people.

Think Digitally. Work Digitally.

It takes experience, a strong team, and decent coffee to create good software. These three things come together at our Berlin headquarters. Motivated and highly specialized employees are constantly upgrading and developing new products.

We believe in maintaining close communication with all corporate units. Top solutions are the result of dialog, feedback, and the constant will to improve. Decades of success and steady company growth have proven this strategy right.

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  • The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS product fits very well into our complex IT environment. Thanks to the modularity of the system, we were able to carry out a staged implementation.

    Elke Bülte
    IT Project Manager
  • Initially, employees feared that a new work and project management application in accounting would make things more complicated. But it soon became clear that the new solution is convenient, speeds up work, and helps to improve the overall quality.

    Ralf Tischler
    Project Manager for Labor Organization & Accounting
    ADAC Hansa

Our Tools

Digitization is not rocket science. (But it does take a little bit of math…)

.NET Framework

.NET is used for the development and execution of application programs.


The environment for platform independent programming


This is a TypeScript-based front-end Web application framework.


A script language for evaluating user interactions and for modifying, reloading, or generating content.

Apache Maven

A build management tool for creating and managing Java programs in a standardized way.


A Web application for error management, troubleshooting, and operational project management.


Container management for efficient testing and deployment


Powerful container based orchestration


Makes large sets of unstructured data easily searchable.


Microservices framework for Java applications


Git is an application for distributed file version control.

SpringCloud Netflix

SpringBoot for distributed systems

Your Point of Contact
in the Development Department

“What I like most about enaio® is its expandability; the comprehensive REST API allows me to upgrade the basic product functionality to include smart Web plug-ins and in-house micro services, and thereby implement content-based software projects with state-of-the-art technologies, all at a fraction of the cost.”

Dr. Nikola Milanovic

Director Product Development
+49 30 895708-0
Cicerostraße 26, 10709 Berlin

Every project starts with an idea.
(And many ideas start with coffee.)