• Hospitals and Rehabilitation Clinics Are in Good Hands with Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    Easy access to reliable information is crucial when it comes to medical and administrative applications – that’s why we provide intelligent document management.

Designing digital healthcare

Trust lays the groundwork for effective medical treatment. When professional doctors, effective medication, and well-planned procedures come together with a focus on patient wellness, patients can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Trust is also crucial when it comes to software: When hospitals and rehabilitation clinics roll out new IT systems, they need to know they can provide the best-possible treatment. This involves savvy experts, high-performance software, and, above all, support based on a wealth of experience.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft Berlin has been providing ECM software solutions to hospitals and rehabilitation clinics for over 25 years. We provide our customers with long-term support and know what solutions they need.

Over 100 hospitals rely on our software – they appreciate the fact that our solutions can be integrated into a clinic’s heterogeneous IT landscape. This integration creates a standardized information platform that relieves workloads for medical and administrative personnel by making patient data immediately accessible, accelerating workflows, and optimizing processes.

Our top solutions

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers solutions for a wide range of scenarios. 
Our ECM software can be adapted to your needs.

Integration into hospital
information systems

Digital patient records

IHE-compliant software

Discharge reports

Integration into health insurance medical service processes

enaio® for rehabilitation clinics

PACS integration

Glowing References Based on Years of Trust

Selected references from the 100+ clinics that use OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software.

Diakoniewerk Martha-Maria e.V.

Customer since 2013

Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt

Customer since 2007

Harzklinikum Dorothea Christiane Erxleben

Customer since 2004

Kinderkrankenhaus auf der Bult Hannover

Customer since 2014

ViDia Kliniken Karlsruhe

Customer since 2014

Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

Customer since 1999

Kinderkrankenhaus Wilhelmstift

Customer since 2010

Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Customer since 2004

Mathias Stiftung Rheine

Customer since 1997

Klinikum Friedrichshafen

Customer since 2013

Herz- und Kreislaufzentrum Rotenburg a.d. Fulda

Customer since 2005

ID Immanuel Diakonie Group

Customer since 2009

  • We are gradually constructing a company-wide information logistics platform that ensures transparency and knowledge transfer in our medical and administrative departments.

    Dr. Gunther Fritzer
    Head of IT
    ViDia Kliniken
  • From a strategic standpoint, the DMS project represents an important optimization measure for the University Hospital.

    Mrs. Weger
    Project Manager
    Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt/Main
  • For nearly 20 years, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has served us as a reliable partner for document management and long-term document storage. These operations are crucial components of setting up a hospital that aims to reduce paper use as much as possible.

    Dr. Tim Becker
    Head of Clinical Procedures
    UKSH Gesellschaft für IT Services

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Managing Director

Karsten Renz, Co-founder and CEO of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, is responsible for strategic company management. He primarily focuses on achieving solid financial growth, continuously optimizing cutting-edge, innovative business processes, and expanding strategic networks. Renz studied computer science with a focus on business at Technische Universität Berlin. During his studies, he worked at the Institute for Space Science at Freie Universität Berlin.

“Everyone benefits from well-organized workflows in the healthcare sector: doctors, administrative personnel, and, above all, patients.”

Our Partners

Strong partners are the key to success. Thanks to our network of technology and solution partners, enaio® is used in all kinds of different scenarios.

Thieme Compliance

Technology partners since 2013

Mentana Claimsoft

Technology partners since 2001