Our Professional Services

Effective software starts with individual advice –
and doesn’t end as soon as the deployment is over

enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is a tailor-made product. This means that our ECM software adapts optimally to the required objectives, as well as the existing structures and processes within your organization. To ensure this, we offer our users and customers a comprehensive range of services.

As an enaio® user, you will receive full support in all phases of solution design, project definition, and execution. Consultants with many years of experience will assist you in all steps of the implementation.

You and your employees will be given targeted training in using the software application, allowing you to optimally put the variety and flexibility of enaio® into practice. Our in-house support team ensures that any problems that occur are solved individually and as quickly as possible.

In this way, you can be sure that your individual ECM solution always brings the benefits you expect – as a solution for a single area as well as a digital information management platform for your entire company or institution.

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Marcus Drechsel, Head of Consulting Department OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Marcus Drechsel

Head of Consulting Department


Your ECM project will be developed by our experienced consultants on the basis of intensive exchange. We work thoroughly and make time for you. This enables us to tell you exactly which solutions you need – and which you don’t.

Our software is used everywhere: in industry, public authorities, and hospitals. And all of this in more than 30 countries.

Our consultants with many years of experience are ready to help you with analysis and solution design. Project runtimes and implementation costs can be reduced by using best-practice templates. You company structures can be individually adjusted, and your business processes optimized, at any time.

Rene Waurisch

René Waurisch

Head of Support


OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers individually configured ECM solutions. Naturally, this includes individual support via our in-house support center, which caters to ECM users and partners alike. Most problems can be solved quickly via remote maintenance. If required, we can also solve your questions directly on your premises.

Do you have a support question? Write an e-mail to the support team. Therefore, please always state your address and extension number.

Our support hotline is available to the administrator of the respective project for software problems and support with system administration. You can reach our hotline Monday through Friday (except public holidays) from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Your active and closed service cases can be accessed in the support center of the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS group.

Portrait Michaela Zocholl, Head of Training Department OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Michaela Zocholl

Head of Training Department

Software training

Make the most of your ECM software! Our training program has a modular structure. It consists of basic, advanced, and special seminars.

We also offer a few special training sessions for our partners. Our customers may be especially interested in the Train-the-Trainer offer, which enables you to use your own trainers to instruct your employees.

  • Seminars in the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS training center in Berlin or one of our partner training centers
  • In-house training sessions on your premises
  • Online training sessions via webcast
Björn Grabe, Director Managed Services OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Björn Grabe

Director Managed Services

Managed services

In an increasingly complex working world, the performance requirements of IT departments are constantly increasing. Particularly during drastic changes such as expansion or restructuring, IT must grow with the company, and be flexible and proactive. By using enaio®, you have already made the best choice. However, despite extensive automation, even optimal software requires maintenance and care.

  • Continuous monitoring of the enaio® server instances and the configured subsystems
  • Monitoring of import and export routes, evaluation of monitoring protocols and reaction to them
  • Configuration and monitoring of automated jobs to ensure audit-proof archiving
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the indexes of the database instance used by enaio® (by administrators)
Frank Neutzler, Head of Department SAP® Solutions Center OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Frank Neutzler

Head of Department, SAP® Solutions Center

SAP® competence

Organize documents and processes better than ever before. With enaio® and SAP®, it’s in your hands.

The world speaks SAP. However, there are certain important functional areas that SAP does not cover. SAP therefore offers a certified archive interface with which documents, data, and documents can be outsourced. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been an SAP partner since 1998 and has its own SAP Solutions Center. enaio® extends SAP with ECM functions that support various archiving and document management scenarios.