Special ECM Solutions
for LIMS and Emergency Services

Modular software solutions for organizing and documenting processes in labs and emergency services environments

Innovative. Safe. Audit-proof.

Various different multi-stage processes are carried out in laboratories and emergency services environments:  These involve correspondence, templates, reviews, deadlines, and signatures. Moreover, all of these elements need to be quickly processed and clearly stored – always while upholding statutory regulations and compliance guidelines, of course.

The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Company in Jena has been developing innovative solutions to support digital work for many years. Our software is customized, but it can still be validated. We design the concrete processes together with you before your solution is implemented. Our employees boast specialist expertise in the fields of biology, security, automotive engineering, and chemistry. Because of this, we know what solutions our customers need – and which ones are superfluous.

Our team works in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. We have German level 2 security clearance (Ü2) and work in keeping with the IT-Grundschutz developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a system for managing information in laboratories. This enables administration, documentation, sample processing, process analysis, and quality management from a single source. The software’s modular structure makes it possible to digitally map and automate laboratory processes in keeping with your own specifications.

Our solutions meet the high requirements of a regulated environment, incorporating digital records, clear workflows, and audit-proof archiving. Newly implemented track and trace technology enables the tracking of samples, batches, and documents for process assurance via RFID/barcode systems with 99 percent sensitivity.

Laboratory processes can be managed across the company, without media interruptions. Quality management and LIMS processes can be wholly integrated.

Emergency Services

Safety authorities differ from other institutions in that they need to assume responsibility even under high stress, all while functioning smoothly.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft Jena is highly specialized in the requirements that emergency services have in terms of high-performance document and information management. Many customers from police forces and security sectors rely on our expertise in handling sensitive information.

Decision-makers in the field of emergency services are subjected to a particularly great deal of pressure when it comes to ensuring public safety. Reliable document management plays a decisive role here; it ensures that knowledge always reaches the right spot, employees receive all relevant information, and coordinated work is possible.

Our top solutions

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers solutions for a wide range of scenarios. Our ECM software can be adapted to your needs.

Selected LIMS solutions:

forensic-lims: laboratory management

Selected solutions for emergency services:

Daktyloscopic trace comparison

Trassilogic Trace Match

BOS-Chat: secure messaging service

Electronic case processing

Forensic method processing

Our Relationships with Our Users

Are Based on Responsibility and Trust

Police forces and safety authorities have special requirements when it comes to digital information management. Their solutions need to withstand high pressure and be secure from the inside out. For this reason, many regional police forces and their affiliated administrative bodies have chosen enaio®.

Securely handling information calls for thriftiness above all else. That’s why we don’t communicate any details to our users, upholding our responsibility as a service provider in the security sector.

Working together.

We’re searching for innovators, planners, and visionaries; in other words, movers and shakers interested in an exciting work environment and supporting our customers along their path to digitalization.

Accept every challenge, create a solution, and celebrate successes together – this is work as it should be.

Ludwig, Content Manager

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS: A flat hierarchy that is truly important to our company culture.

Markus, ECM Consultant

If I can do something more effectively, the whole company and every employee will benefit.

Joanna, Technical Trainer

Our Partners

Strong partners are the key to success. Thanks to our network of technology and solution partners, enaio® is used in all kinds of different scenarios.

  • Aware Inc.

  • BSolut GmbH

  • PIC Systems AG

  • Samsung Electronics GmbH

  • sense-IT GmbH

  • enaio®

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Jan Seyfarth

Management, Jena Office

Jan Seyfarth has been successfully working in the IT sector for over 20 years, nearly 15 of which he spent in the field of ECM for emergency services and laboratory information management systems. He has held positions in areas such as software development, product management, consulting, and sales. In 1995, he founded the successful SSBnet software company, which developed CRM/DMS/ECM solutions and was incorporated into OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Jena in 2011. Here, Seyfarth serves as a Managing Director. He is a passionate chess player and motorcyclist, and has several children.