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What is ECM? OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Explains!

ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management and supports your company or organization through various technical tools and digital functions to fully exploit the potential and added value in day-to-day business. But ECM is more than a piece of software: as a strategy and management concept of information technology, Enterprise Content Management is a forward-looking hub for the exchange of information, communication, and collaboration – for medium-sized businesses, local administrations or corporations.

The ideal basis for this is our ECM software enaio®, which is deployable across the whole business.

ECM Captures

and digitalizes your company knowledge and combines it in an integrated platform.

ECM Increases

access to information for your staff and transparency in the delivery of information.

ECM Reduces

costs while digitalizing paper archives and avoiding manual work.

ECM Speeds Up

and automates work and business processes across the whole business.

ECM Supports

your company to focus on what’s most important: your core business.

Definition & Elements of an ECM System

Enterprise Content Management – as a strategy and management concept of information technology – combines the diverse range of information and knowledge of a company or organization across the entire lifecycle (information lifecycle management) of a piece of information or of a document.

ECM includes “the technologies, tools, and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver electronic contents across the whole company” (ECM definition by the international ECM association AIIM)

Elemente eines ECM-Systems nach der Definition des AIIM


data and information from across the whole company.


all kinds of information and documents.


consolidated knowledge in defined storage locations.


information in different formats (print, browser, smartphone, and XML etc.).


in order to comply with legal provisions and for the preservation of valuable knowledge across decades.

Document Management for Increased Efficiency in the World of Information

Electronic document management is a core element of an ECM system and guarantees unlimited access to your company’s store of information. Data/information and documents merge into intelligent objects (e-records) based on context. This means that adjustable, individual perspectives can be set up for each user or area of work. Processes can be efficiently and optimally designed thanks to the system’s high-performance functions – and therefore replace or minimize time-consuming and costly manual processes.

What makes digital document management by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS special is that it is not limited to our own ECM system but can be firmly incorporated into your company’s existing IT landscape using certified interfaces.

Electronic Documents

efficiently manage and process all types.

Intelligent E-Records

combine data and documents from one and the same master record.

Individual Perspectives

for users and areas of work on an identical master record.

Optimized Workflows

across all document-based processes.

Relevant Information

quickly find, collectively forward, and link.

Digital Archiving Preserves Knowledge in the Long Term and Makes it Audit-Proof

Digital storage and audit-proof archiving of all documents and information enable you to preserve knowledge in the long term and save on costs. After all, losing knowledge and not being able to locate it can be expensive. In the case of paper-based archiving, two-thirds of working time alone is lost on processing documents. 97% of archiving costs are staff costs, and the total costs grow with increasing size of the business.

Digital archiving with Enterprise Content Management by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS fulfills all relevant requirements in terms of documentary and audit security, genuine documentation, and retention periods (IT compliance andgenerally accepted principles of computerized accounting systems (GoBD)). Only authorized persons can view or process documents. As a user you will also benefit from our high security standards and our technology partnerships with experienced storage management providers.

Preserve Knowledge in the Long Term

with structured digital storage.

Save in Costs and Space

by digitalizing paper archives.


ensures compliance with legislation and GoBD regulations.

Double Storage & Media Discontinuities

prevented with single instance storage.

Comply with Security Standards

with encryption, read-only memory, and lots more.

Business Process Management with Digital Workflows

Enterprise Content Management is able to represent, simplify, and speed up a very wide range of work, information, and business processes. Digital workflows are the basis for this, with which different processes are modeled, controlled, monitored, and developed – from fixed, ad hoc to smart structured. The outcome is an optimal synchronization of all steps and actors.

BPM with ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is suitable for any type of process – for receipt of mail with invoice checking, as well as approvals, project management, and even vacation requests. Information remains clear and transparent at each phase. Quality management improves, costs are sustainably reduced, company objectives are achieved quicker and more reliably.

Business Process Management with Digital Workflows

Work Processes

are simplified, automated, and speeded up.


is clear and transparent at each process phase.


are accurately modeled, from ad hoc to smart structured.

Process Steps

are optimally synchronized, including all actors.

Company Objectives

are achieved quicker and more reliably.

enaio® – the ECM Information Hub by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Enterprise Content Management with OPTIMAL SYSTEMS helps you to organize the daily flow of data, information, and documents using an integrated platform. The infrastructure of the company or organization is represented digitally, while every component is digitalized without media discontinuities.

All individual modules are optimally interconnected and accurately synchronized to your organization, core business, and interconnected process chains. The outcome is an efficient, integrated information management system based on an Enterprise All-in-one-Solution.

Easier than we thought: Users of our software tell you how they experience their day-to-day work with ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. (Video in German)

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