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Accessing and exploiting information are key factors if companies are to remain competitive. No company can afford to have “islands of expertise” in which individual employees or departments are left alone with portions of knowledge. Efficient information management is therefore indispensable. Enterprise Content Management provides the digital basis for this. It makes it easier for employees to find information in all phases of knowledge processing. Information can be quickly and reliably found, transparently managed, distributed to the correct recipients, and archived on an audit-proof basis – whenever and wherever it is required. An ECM system like enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS therefore ensures that your company knowledge is used productively, providing for a clear competitive advantage.

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True ECM is Knowledge-Oriented. Across the Whole Business.

Informationen gezielt finden mit enaio®

Immerse yourself in the world of digital information


Precision searching with enaio®


Advanced search and mobility

Immerse Yourself in the World of Digital Information

The true value of information is revealed only when it can be searched for, found quickly, and above all assigned to the correct context. An ECM platform such as enaio® makes it easier to immerse yourself in the information world of your company – by simple virtue of the fact that data and documents are stored and managed in a structured way in a single system.

enaio® can do so much more however. Well-designed search and display functions ensure that you can access archived e-mails, letters, offers or electronic invoices for a customer or business process directly and at any time, and in the precise context in which the information is required.

  • A central digital information platform
  • Storage and display in the appropriate context
  • Faster, more detailed content overview
  • Flexible search and display functions
  • Configurable access and authorization system
  • Mobile access options for worldwide use
enaio® Informationsplattform

Powerful text analysis tools and procedures

Automatic full-text indexing

Full-text search in index data, document content, images, etc.

Optimal search algorithms for improving search results, e.g. phonetic search

Straightforward and combined queries

Expert search mode for users

Precision Searching with enaio®

In the light of ever-increasing volumes of information, it becomes increasingly difficult to filter out relevant knowledge. The search options of ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS are sufficiently flexible to allow the information searched for to be found quickly and accurately. Indeed, ideally it need not be searched for in the first place, because it finds its way to the employee automatically.

To this end, the ECM suite offers numerous options with which relevant information can be found, formatted, and presented. The basis for this is the provision of information via document content and index data together with powerful analysis tools for automatic text analysis.

Advanced Search and Mobility

Each organization and department is different and requires a very specific view on existing information. These individual views are supported by our Enterprise Content Management system which offers equally individual advanced search extensions. For example, semantic-associative procedures can be implemented, the search results of a hit list filtered, or documents with similar content searched for rapidly.

Equally important: the mobile access options to the ECM system with the app by enaio® or via the browser. These options ensure the flow of information from ECM to employees, regardless of the place of work and working time. And because information can be accessed from any location, it is available everywhere and at all times.

  • Auto-completion of entered search terms
  • Semantic search functions and analyses
  • Search for documents with similar content
  • Filtering of the search results of a hit list
  • Mobile ECM access per app or browser

Information Search with ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS (Videos in German)

Heidi Simunovic, Head of Service/Internal Sales

“The benefits […] are the rapid availability of information about a machine and rapid response times in the event of questions or complaints[…].”

Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH

Stefan Nehls, Software Engineer

“We save money on storage space[…] and are faster because the information is rapidly to hand.”

Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH

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