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  • Quality Management and ECM

    Transparency and Effectiveness in Processes and Structures

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are among the most important components for the long-term success of a company. The main advantages of a QMS include process transparency and a clear organizational structure, which can have a direct effect on the economic efficiency of a company. Enterprise Content Management from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS supports you in every aspect of process-focused quality management.

The range includes everything from seamless documentation of processes to quality assurance (QA) and automated handling of document-based quality assurance processes. All software solutions are flexible and can be adapted to use, whether it’s for quality management in administration, in hospitals or in the regulated environment.

True ECM is Efficient. Across the Whole Business.

Qualitätsmanagement mit enaio® von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Step up quality processes and use synergies


Document-based quality assurance processes


Increase service quality


Quality management in the regulated environment

Stepping Up Quality Processes

Many ECM providers sell solutions that automate individual company processes. But these solutions often fall short when it comes to joining up the individual software modules. This leads to unused synergies and a drop in process quality. An optimal Enterprise Content Management synchronizes the business and work processes and their effect across their entirety. The result is an integrated information management and process management system where individual modules and functions are interconnected – from information processes to workflows and recording business processes.

enaio® – the software for Enterprise Content Management by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS – focuses on the value adding phases in your company and sector – from automotive to logistics, from healthcare to the regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry, and many more.

  • Seamless documentation of business processes
  • Create structured and value adding processes
  • Automated forwarding of documents
  • Relieves employees with standardized processes
  • Delivery of information in the proper context
  • Comprehensive Records Management for all processes
enaio® Informationsbündelung

Automated handling

Seamless documentation of QA processes

Simplified creation of QM reports

Direct integration and use of QM and QA templates in the ECM system

Displaying complex documentary requirements, in R&D for instance

Document-Based Quality Assurance Processes

Quality management systems in areas such as healthcare and administration mean one thing in particular: seamless documentation. Yet in practice there is often a mismatch between actual requirements and the expense involved. An ECM software like enaio® lets you handle and back up document-based quality assurance processes at minimum expense. It also takes care of the seamless documentation of processes for Quality Assurance (QA) and the creation of reports in Quality Management (QM).

You can integrate and use your specific QM and QA templates directly in the ECM system. Your documents are then automatically forwarded using workflows to other departments and individuals for further processing as needed. More structured and efficient processes together with easy document creation mean that staff can concentrate more on value-adding processes.

Certified Software and Business Quality


OPTIMAL SYSTEMS as a company and its software fulfill quality requirements in every respect, as stipulated by our customers in their specifications, sets of rules, and other requirements.

Numerous qualifications, certificates, and partnerships (excerpt, see picture) testify to the quality of our product and company.

Increasing Service Quality

The use of ECM software will support you in overcoming numerous challenges, such as the rise in switching suppliers associated with liberalization of markets. Enterprise Content Management by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enables targeted customer loyalty programs and supports accurate delivery of customer, contract, and other service related information – even through company portals.

ECM solutions like the digital customer record, comprehensive contract management, and email management can improve the quality of your service and help you retain customers, suppliers, and partners in the long term.

  • Combine service information in electronic records
  • Deliver information quickly and appropriately
  • Improve access to information
  • Increase service quality and support customer retention
  • Best practice solutions for the regulated environment
  • Optimally fulfill regulations, specifications, and laws
  • Comprehensive SOP, incident and change management
  • Quickly detect anomalies and avoid mistakes
  • Transparent, traceable documentation of quality processes

Quality Management in the Regulated Environment

QMS in pharmaceutical and medical companies is subject to special conditions. There are numerous requirements for SOP management, compliance guidelines, and industry standards that need to be fulfilled. Production processes and more besides also need to be documented in a traceable way (regulatory affairs).

ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enables you to get to grips with the requirements, to identify trends, and to optimize your operational processes. You can use our ECM solutions to capture, analyze, and assess every event connected with product quality (Incident Management and Change Management). Anomalies (Deviation Management) are identified more quickly and can be promptly rectified.

Systematic Quality – Here’s What Our Customers Say

Esther Rölli

“The new system brings significant improvements in terms of structuring and optimizing our processes, security, and quality. The bank benefits from this advance as much as our employees and customers do.”

Esther RölliProject Manager, Bank Leumi
Edwin Mielke, IT-Manager

“Our staff can work with greater efficiency because information is available much more quickly. The speed and quality of information that we can access has improved significantly in all areas.”

Edwin Mielke, IT-ManagerCarl Fuhr GmbH & Co. KG

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