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  • Import and Export of Data in the ECM System

    Reliable Data Exchange Across the Whole Business

To ensure data exchange in heterogeneous IT environments across the whole business and to prevent media discontinuities, suitable exchange formats for the ECM solution must be available. enaio® supports numerous import and export formats so that nothing can prevent the flow of information from employee to employee and department to department.

Rendition Management also ensures that widely different data types are automatically converted into generally valid standard formats, which are available on a non-application-specific basis.

True ECM is High-Performance. Across the Whole Business.

enaio® Datenimport und Datenexport

Configurable Import and Export


Numerous interfaces for trouble-free data traffic


Straightforward conversion of standard formats

Configurable Import and Export

The configurable import/expert interface can be used to import data into the ECM system enaio® or to export data from it, and supports numerous data formats. The transfer of meta data can be fully automated.

During XML import, index data is extracted from files and assigned to the corresponding index fields in the ECM system. The selection can be formulated in any way required via separate XPath statements.

COLD data (Computer Output on Laser Disk) is converted into readable documents on import, validated, and then archived on an audit-proof basis in the ECM system, for example as PDF/A file. Data from a print stream is simultaneously extracted for indexing.

Pictures, videos or audio files are imported into the ECM system from different data carriers such as a hard disk or camera and digitally managed. With the multi-media import our ECM solution offers comprehensive digital asset management.

During the import process, electronic workflows can be started, during which the imported data or documents are transferred. These are then automatically forwarded to the relevant employees for further processing or for transfer to other applications. Automation options are almost unlimited.

enaio®: die Informationsbasis

Numerous import and export formats

Automatic meta data transfer

Extraction and assignment of index data

Convert COLD data

Generate PDF/A renditions

Import image, video, and audio data

Start workflows automatically following import

Conversion of Standard Formats

To ensure that documents and information are available across different applications, Rendition Management in our ECM software converts special data formats into generally valid standard formats such as TIFF or PDF.

Renditions are generated from documents in all Office formats, from COLD data, data from various third-party applications or any text or image formats, and can be viewed with standard viewers. The source file remains in its original format.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Stefan Hoser

“We were impressed by the user-friendliness and the rounded, innovative range of functions offered by the ECM suite by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS[…]. In addition, the main import/export functionalities were the most cleanly and clearly implemented.”

Stefan HoserProject Manager DV, Mediengruppe Pressedruck

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