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  • HR Management and ECM

    Make Processes More Efficient Both For and With Employees

Employees are a company’s most important resource and only very comprehensive HR management will succeed in making full use of all resources. Its tasks include the drawing up and management of contracts, interviewing, the creation of HR documents such as covering letters and references, and the management of all personnel documents.

The ECM software enaio® supports your HR department in every aspect of effective HR management. The central module is the digital HR record, which is capable of managing all employee-specific information (e.g. personnel data, references, e-mails, photos, contracts, data from payroll accounting, vacation administration, assessments, job applications, etc.).

True ECM is Supportive. Across the Whole Business.

Personalprozesse mit enaio® managen

A rapid overview of information by means of digital personnel records for all personnel data/documents


A high number of ECM functions for efficient management of different personnel processes


Improved cooperation due to inter-departmental availability of HR-relevant data and documents

Optimizing HR Management Processes

  • With our ECM solution, documents are automatically entered, indexed, and stored in the correct HR record in the automated inbox. The options for template and form management in enaio® help you manage your staff and ensure that all authorized employees always have the latest versions of documents (e.g. for applications, references, data privacy declarations, personnel information forms, approvals, etc.) to hand.

  • Nowadays, communication with employees is frequently via e-mail. The ECM system ensures the automatic assignment of e-mails in the relevant business context, thereby preventing duplicate storage of e-mails or attachments. All e-mails for a person or for a transaction can be accessed at the push of a button – no matter from which workstation. For job advertisements, e-mails can trigger workflows in the ECM system (e.g. application, recruitment or tracking sheet workflows).

  • The mobile solutions by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enable you to update your personnel files directly during the appraisal interview. The portal integration by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enables employee lists to be connected to organizational structures and published via Intranet or Internet. Audit-proof archiving of all HR data, documents, and decisions can be of crucial significance in the case of legal disputes or audits.

Key Features

  • Digital HR records for all employee-specific information
  • Automated, digital inbox including entry, indexing, and classification of incoming mail
  • Templates/form management (e.g. for data privacy declaration, personnel information form)
  • Digital workflows (automatic forwarding of data/documents to responsible employees for processing)
  • Integrated contract management (including deadline and template management + automatic data transfer)
  • Version management, follow-up, and subscription functions
  • Interfaces to common ERP, HR, and payroll systems
  • Filter/research options and statistical evaluations

Digital personnel records – Get your personnel processes running

Effective support from application through to bonus payment: the digital personnel record by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS bundles all your employee documentation, manages it on an audit-proof basis, and links it with the master data in payroll accounting.

The standard functions are supplemented through incorporation of digital workflows. You can also link personnel records with application, business trip or vacation approval workflows – and therefore accelerate the personnel processes of your HR department.


  • Uniform, audit-proof management of personnel documents and processes
  • Company-wide access to important personnel information for authorized persons
  • Clear regulation of access rights with variable levels
  • Improved efficiency for personnel, application, hiring, and vacation workflows
  • Transparency in personnel planning by means of skill profiles, reference management
  • Close connection to Microsoft Office and integrated template management

Advantages of HR Management with ECM

Improved cooperation due to inter-departmental availability of HR-relevant data and documents

Easing of workload and saving of time due to automated inbox processing

A faster overview of information by means of digital personnel records for all personnel data/documents

Process acceleration due to digital workflows

Security due to traceability of personnel decisions based on gap-free logging of all processes and electronic signatures

Extended range of functions and comfortable data exchange due to interfaces to HR systems

Audit-proof archiving of personnel documents

Here’s What Our Customers Say (Videos in German)

In the videos of our user interviews you will find customer opinions on a variety of subjects including HR management and HR records. These customers include BT Berlin Transport GmbH, Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH, the University Hospital Frankfurt, and the Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf.

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