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  • Qualified Electronic Signatures

    The secure signature in day-to-day business

In business, documents, decisions, and processes often need to be reliably authenticated. A (qualified) digital signature does precisely that, providing certainty that a specific individual created or edited documents or made a decision. An electronic signature is more secure than a conventional signature on paper: it can neither be copied from one document to another nor secretly modified or forged.

With the incorporation of qualified electronic signatures (QES) into the ECM software enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, you can now be certain who sent a specific document and whether data has been manipulated or falsified by a third party. Audit-proof digital archiving is now just a few clicks away.

True ECM is Reliable. Company-Wide.


ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS supports different types of digital signature.


A digital signature provides reliable proof of decision-making processes.


E-signatures by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS support the evidential, long-term archiving of documents and information.

Types of Digital Signature

E-signatures can be used in a variety of different ways. The deciding factor in each case is which business process or work process is affected, e.g. approval of an invoice or an acknowledgment – and what level of security is required. The ECM suite by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS supports different signature options.

  • Advanced or Simple Signature

    Used when only authorized persons should carry out certain operations. For example, enaio® enables acknowledgments of employees to be signed with software certificates. In process steps that do not have a strong legal component, simple password verification is sufficient. This ensures that the employee concerned personally performed each step in the system.

  • Qualified Electronic Signature with User Accreditation

    Offers the highest level of security. A qualified electronic certificate (Section 2 No. 7 SigG Signature Act) is proof that the public signature validation key and the identity of the signature keyholder match. The certificate is signed by a trusted certification service provider (Section 2 No. 8 SigG).

  • Single, Multiple, and Batch Signatures

    Suitable for variable use. With individual signatures, individual documents from a hit list, a folder window, or a folder can be electronically signed. In the case of multiple signatures, several users sign the same document one after the other, for example as part of release or approval workflows at the level of area manager. In the case of a batch signature, one person signs multiple documents by entering a PIN. This requires the use of special cards, e.g. multicards.

  • Mass Signatures

    Generates electronic signatures for large volumes of documents automatically, without PIN entry. Scanned documents are converted to PDF and the signature embedded. The mass signature is particularly useful when there are diverse scanning scenarios. The flexible use of certificates enables advanced, qualified or simple signatures to be used with provider accreditation. To apply qualified electronic signatures, you require a mass signature card.

enaio® optimiert Prozesse und Arbeitsabläufe

Reliable proof of the approval process or declarations of intent

Legally compliant release, approval or acknowledgment processes

Precise assignment of responsibility as the basis for an effective quality management

Detailed logging of all workflow processes

Reliable Proof of Decisions

Qualified signatures are especially useful in electronic workflows. They can be used to provide proof of approval processes or declarations of intent at a later time, for example which processor authorized which step or wrote which document. For legally compliant release, approval or acknowledgment processes, multiple signatures are also possible. This technology is also suitable for use in Quality Management and for the documentation of processes in a regulated environment. All transactions are also logged in detail.

Real-life example: during a workflow process, a document receives an electronic signature or existing signatures are verified. After completing a process step, the person in charge is requested to electronically sign a log of steps taken with their signature card. The workflow record is then forwarded to the next employee. The signed log is automatically stored in a special folder in enaio® and archived on an audit-proof basis. The processes can give rise to new documents, e.g. signature lists, release documents, etc., which must be electronically signed.

Evidential Long-Term Archiving

If a digital signature is no longer valid, this breaks the chain of protection in a document’s preservation of evidence. Electronically signed documents can then no longer be used. A monitoring service can help here, which monitors the validity of the signatures and ensures continuous “re-signing” (in accordance with archiving according to TR-03138 [TR-RESISCAN] and TR-03125 [TR-ESOR] and ArchiSafe-compliant and ArchiSig-compliant.

In partnership with Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has developed its own solution (enaio® besig). This solution is based on Mentana’s Hash-Safe and AutoSigner software and on OPTIMAL SYSTEM’s audit-proof archiving and document management system. The software solution for the management of electronic signatures offers greater security for electronic file management and strengthens the evidential value of documents. enaio® besig also ensures reliable storage of de-mails.

Key Features of the Digital Signature with enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Legally compliant signing in PDF format

Complies with the requirements of the signature law and signature ordinance

Incorporation of electronic signatures in workflow processes such as e.g. release processes

Verification mode for embedded (PDF) or PKCS#7 signatures

Simple, qualified, and advanced electronic signature with provider accreditation

Batch signature of multiple documents entering only one PIN

Multiple signature of a document by multiple users

Mass signature during import or for various scan scenarios

Here’s What Our Customers Say

Heiko Dehne

“It is very easy to provide an electronic signature. The detailed rights system[…] ensures that clerks can only submit the declarations of consent assigned to them. The sender is authenticated based on the connection to the Trustserver.”

Heiko DehneProject Manager and Municipal Treasurer, Göttingen Municipality

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