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  • ECM Interfaces for Specialist Applications

    Simple, Reliable Integration of the ECM System enaio®

The real benefit of data and information only becomes apparent when it can be easily exchanged with other applications. Only when media discontinuities are avoided can there be a timely flow of information – across the whole business. The ECM software enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS supports the reliable data exchange within a company’s heterogeneous IT landscape, using widely available standard and specific interfaces and by connecting numerous industry-specific software.

These include certified interfaces for the ERP connection including SAP integration, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and AX), the integration of legacy systems, COLD import, terminal connection and integration of Windows applications and storage systems.

True ECM is Integrated. Across the Whole Business.

ECM von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS ist hoch integrativ

Integration with any systems:

Integrating and linking ECM software to any system on any platform can be achieved using the client and server API.


Flexible architecture: The ECM system by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is highly flexible and can be modified at any time while in use or have other components added.


Modular design: ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is scalable and can be extended and secured via a load balanced system and failover cluster.

Integration with Any Systems

Integrating and linking ECM software to any system on any platform can be achieved using the client and server API. enaio® fulfills up-to-date Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using consistent SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture):

  • SOA integration via web services using REST API
  • ERP integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX
  • Project-specific integration in the shortest time with any ERP system using standardized and specialized REST web services
  • Microsoft Office integration (enaio® functions for storage and processing straight from Microsoft Office)
  • Microsoft Outlook and Exchange integration (enaio® functions straight from Outlook and server-side automated archiving with Exchange)
  • Integration in Novell GroupWise or IBM Notes
  • Project-side integrations with any systems via SOA and direct embedding in enaio® with enaio® dashlets, e.g. GIS, KIS
  • SharePoint archive and DMS
  • Integration into portals via SOA

Principles of Integration with enaio®

The particular capacity of enaio® for integration is based on the flexible architecture of the ECM system, which strictly separates the presentation, logic, and data storage. A digital archive, a document management system, and a workflow management system are used as core components. The core system can be easily extended with other components and also modified – even when running. Clear, high-performance administration tools and editors are available for managing, configuring, and monitoring the settings.

The integrated ECM functions are clearly presented to the operator in a user-friendly screen. The selection and presentation of functions can be adjusted and takes into account the needs of the company as well as individual members of staff. Various standardized and proprietary interfaces ensure smooth-running access to the ECM software of other components. e.g. web services, mobile applications, and even external specialist applications.

System Logic

  • Server (link between data and presentation layer): availability of business logic for all ECM applications
  • Server engines are the basic structure
  • Open architecture enables quick and easy integration of new components (quick response, even requirements changed at short notice possible)

Data Storage

  • Data level includes database system, document storage, and document archive
  • Support of relational databases, full-text engines, and storage components

Modular Design for Upgradability

The ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is not a software monolith. Instead of unadaptable products, it offers flexibility and universality so that individually configured ECM solutions can be economically created in a short time and continually developed as needed. In addition to our solutions for Enterprise Content Management across the whole business, we also offer starter solutions or specialist solutions for specific process solutions. These can be easily upgraded step by step according to requirements and/or enhanced with other departmental solutions and components.

enaio® verbindet Informationen zu einem Netzwerk
  • Individual Workstations and Rights System

    Each employee gets their own view of the company knowledge. The rights system establishes which folders, registers, documents or data the individual employees or groups are able to see,edit, create or delete. There are also plenty of options for customizing the client’s screen at each workstation. Mobile solutions such as web client and apps, Office and portal integration, also provide your staff with further options of working in their preferred way.

  • One technology platform, a wide range of interests

    We are often asked how we can serve lots of different interests with just one technology platform. Quite easily, because as enaio®

    • is an open system,
    • it excels thanks to an above-average interface competence allowing it to be easily integrated into existing specialist applications,
    • it complies with tried and tested industry standards in order to enable data exchange with other systems,
    • it delivers a highly flexible basis, which can be adjusted down to the smallest detail for each industry-specific requirement.
  • Editors and Administration Tools

    Graphic editors, which can be easily used by your administrators and IT managers, are available for configuration and adaptation.

    • Data models
    • Organizational structures
    • Data screens
    • Rights system
    • Template management
    • Storage structure
    • Media management
    • Process planning
    • Workflow design
    • Process monitoring
    • and lots more
  • Server Landscape

    ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is scalable. If the number of ECM users increases, you can continually provide additional ECM servers. A load balanced system occurs in which all servers default to a common database and file system.

    In the case of installations in distributed environments with different locations, you can use additional ECM servers in the satellite stations to increase performance. In addition, the ECM system can also be operated on failover clusters. If a machine fails, another computer takes over its tasks so that a high fail-safe operation is achieved.

Customer Opinions on Integration with ECM

Gabriele Wöhlert

“We are very satisfied with our new solution. Adjusting the interfaces worked perfectly and collaborating with OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is excellent. We never had a problem and our users are extremely satisfied too. The system is running well.”

Gabriele WöhlertProject Manager, Tuttlingen District Office

“The availability of interfaces for specialist processes was one of the critical benchmarks for us because our objective is to implement a central information management system.”

Tom AlbertinDeputy Manager of the Citizen Service Center, City Administration, Jena

“The successful conversion to the ECM solution is in no small part down to the product’s interface strength.”

René MeierProject Manager, Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)

References on the Interface Diversity of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

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