Software für Macher

Software für Macher

Today, everything in a company stands or falls by the information it holds – every department and every task. The objective of Enterprise Content Management is to make these large amounts of data safely accessible at all times and in all places. This is also the objective of ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

As an integrated information management platform, communications and process control platform, enaio® connects information and work processes, manages them digitally, and clearly presents them in the relevant context. Whatever the requirements may be: ECM across the whole company by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is flexible and modular, and provides optimal access to your company knowledge – for fast processes, optimal collaboration, and the right decisions.

True ECM is Simple. Across the Whole Business.

Unternehmensweites ECM mit enaio® von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS: One software platform – for all areas


Our ECM is customized to your infrastructure.


Optimal integration is more efficient


Working in tandem – Collaboration across the whole business with ECM

One Software Platform – for All Areas

With enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS you get the ideal solution. And a customized one to boot. Our ECM software is an all-round powerhouse with a modular design. Instead of inflexible products, it offers individually configured ECM solutions – for capturing documents, email archiving, BPM, HR management, contract and quality management, IT compliance

or audit-proof archiving.

Each individual ECM solution can be affordably introduced step by step and upgraded at any time with further solutions – until interdepartmental and cross-location use across the whole business is achieved. The enaio® ECM system forms the integrated information basis for all solutions used simultaneously. enaio® therefore constantly ensures unrestricted access to your company’s world of data and all the knowledge contained there, while giving you the space to focus on what’s really important: your core business.

  • Individual ECM solutions based on a single platform
  • For individual areas up to the business as a whole
  • Integrated data storage for all departments involved
  • Variable perspectives of company knowledge
  • Optimizes departmental and cross-company processes
enaio® ist einfach integrierbar

Flexible integration into any IT landscape

Product and solution components can be flexibly combined

Easily adjustable to organizational and IT structure

High availability and performance, even with multiple locations and decentralized storage

Integrated development environment for specialized fine tuning

Continuous development of the ECM software

Customized to Your Infrastructure

One company, lots of departments: This often means different software solutions. This colorful array of non-compatible systems may not achieve what’s most important: a view of all information across the whole business, uniform access to data and documents, and a software-supported automation of work processes.

Enterprise Content Management across the whole business by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enables customized business processes with the value but not the cost of an individually programmed solution. The software is flexibly designed from the start so that it adapts to your organizational and IT structures and processes – regardless of whether it is an ECM solution for a single department or information management for a globally operating corporation.

Optimal Integration is More Efficient

Exchanging data easily with other applications is a must for an optimal flow of information. ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS across the whole business logically follows this principle and reaches its optimal efficiency when interacting with other applications – irrespective of the task set and the software to be integrated. The basis for this is a high capacity for integration.

Our software can be incorporated into any IT structure and system using conventional and configurable interfaces – into ERP systems, as well as into Office, Groupware, KIS or GIS, portals,storage solutions, and lots more. And it works in every direction: enaio® functions can be integrated into usual work environments, and external content can be displayed in enaio®. The ECM system thus becomes a central platform for a wide range of information sources.

  • Impressive interface diversity
  • High quality standard with certifications
  • Implementation of Service-Orientated Architectures (SOA)
  • Extensive Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Homogenizes the IT landscape
Informationsaustausch mit enaio®

Access company information any time and everywhere – including on mobile devices

Comprehensive range of ECM functions for efficient work processes

Digital workflows for comprehensive exchange of information

Configurable authorization system with detailed grading

Working in Tandem

ECM across the whole business combines not only technical infrastructures. It primarily ensures that your staff can work together in optimal conditions – across departments and locations. Authorized enaio® users know at any time who has edited what, when, and where.

Our software provides numerous features for collaboration and communication – including electronic records for managing the information, note and reminder functions, one-click email archiving, check in/check out, electronic workflows for fluid work processes, comprehensive template management, mobile solutions for work on the move, and lots more. The functions can be variably deployed and combined depending on the field of use.

With ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS you will always be well equipped for an increasingly complex world of collaboration in your company.

Tailor-Made Software from Top to Bottom – a Strong Customer Focus (Video in German)

What makes ECM across the whole business – the true ECM – by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS particularly special and valuable for your company?

It simplifies processes with completely new synergies. A deep understanding of the processes between human and information means that complex processes become transparent and clear. Thanks to intuitive usability, employees can exploit its true potential. This increases efficiency and motivation. Because for us, the most important part of an ECM system is always the person who works with it.

True ECM is simple.

It ensures transparency and supports informative processing of knowledge in all phases. On the one hand, ensuring that all information is effectively stored and easily accessible for employees. On the other hand,

because our ECM, as an organic tool, is used for identifying usable knowledge. You can therefore ensure that your company knowledge is used productively. A clear competitive advantage.

True ECM is knowledge-focused.

It offers your staff the space to make individual decisions. Automated processes can be combined so that enough options for individual solutions remain with the user – including the possibility of completely new and as yet unknown strategies. Information management thus remains flexible and adaptable. And you benefit from increased performance – without any limitation.

True ECM is flexible.

It is more than the sum of its parts. We listen to you in order to understand process connectivity and the full extent of its influence. The outcome is an integrated information management system in which the integration of individual modules into the greater whole bring added benefit. Our ECM thus meets the requirements of your company as an integrated whole – without compromise.

True ECM is integrated.

It is specialized to your organization. All solutions are matched to your company’s core business and the interconnected process chains. This makes it possible to optimally adapt the software to the structures of your company, to use all the strengths, and work around the weak points. The key is seamless integration into your processes – for significantly greater efficiency.

True ECM is unique.

It takes care of a harmonious orchestration of all departments and true collaboration – between people. It always delivers the correct documents to staff everywhere across the whole business. It ensures prompt processing controlled by context. A dynamic infrastructure means optimal use of the potential behind connected working.

True ECM promotes teamwork.

It anticipates growth. The software structure is designed to enable future developments – even if they are unpredictable. Small local solutions can be developed into an information system across the whole business according to your individual requirements. On the path to future success, you have all the space you might need.

True ECM is scalable.

It increases the efficiency of all processes – without compromising on quality. The creation, exchange, and management of information become easier and the processing speed is significantly increased. The search for documents and data loss are, to all intents and purposes, excluded. Finding is the real focus, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on the core business.

True ECM is efficient.

It ensures that the effective retention of information is possible and that compliance with regulations is guaranteed at all times, even if they are in flux. Securing sensitive information is also guaranteed, as is audit-proof handling of every single step in the business process. Whether it is contracts, archiving or international exchange, you can always feel safe and secure.

True ECM is secure.

It manages incoming quantities of documents highly effectively and is able to generate decisive, competitive advantages with intelligent solutions. A clear structure is quickly and reliably created amid the vast amount of information in an ever more complex business world. This will this enable a clear increase in performance – for your future success.

True ECM is effective.

It is not guided by the outcome, in order to be able to control processes at every phase of value creation, but by how it gets there. All processes of internal workflows are checked and constantly optimized until they run smoothly and lead to the best instead of just the first outcome. Whatever your company has already achieved, it will achieve it even faster with our ECM.

True ECM is process-optimized.

It ensures that your company is optimally supported by highly qualified experts, who understand your requirements not only technically, from initial discussion to implementation. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS works in a service-oriented manner and offers a comprehensive service portfolio in order to optimally meet all your wishes.

True ECM is supportive.

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