Originally “digitalization” referred to the process of capturing, converting, and storing analog information on digital storage media. Nowadays, the term is used more generally as a synonym for “digital transformation,” because digital technologies have transformed society.

Digitalization affects all industries and has penetrated into every area of business, from product development to sales and customer service. In so doing, it is changing working methods, business models, and communications as well as the way information is handled. The management of the digital revolution is therefore one of the most important tasks faced by a company. But you do not need to be a bystander here. After all it is human beings who are the prime movers, decision-makers, and guiding force behind the transformation. Therefore come and help shape the digital transformation yourself!

Digital must-haves

Digital must-haves

Link information, shape the transformation, secure the future

ECM Paves the Way for Transformation at Your Company

Successful digitalization stands and falls with the flow of information and how it is managed: from person to person, department to department, system to human, machine to machine, etc. To be able cope with these challenges, companies require an integrated information management system. We are experts in this field: for 25 years now, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been driving digitalization forward with its solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

ECM enables all types of information (documents, e-mails, scans, etc.) to be digitally stored, uniformly combined, linked to each other, made available, and processed further as the relevant working situation requires. All of these factors are key to a successful digital transformation.

Enterprise Content Management mit Software von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

88% of users of an ECM system confirm that ECM provides for more efficient access to information.


77% of companies with an ECM system confirm that collaboration has improved.


69% of ECM users have accelerated their processes with the ECM system.


75% of companies were able to increase their productivity thanks to an ECM system.

How digital is your company?

Digital Strategy: from Information Management to Industry 4.0

The digitalization of information, information processes, and linking them together is the first step towards a digitalized working environment. Only in this way are scenarios like Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory, Connected Supply Chain), E-Government (Digital Management) or eHealth/Hospital 4.0 at all possible.

Optimize and speed up the information processes in your organization with ECM technologies. This will make the distribution of information faster and more universal. At the same time, information will be more easily accessible for more people and groups (employees, business partners, customers, citizens). Above all, information will be better utilized. How? By generating knowledge from the raw material of “information”!

Use the raw material “knowledge” correctly – with ECM

Help Shape the Digital Transformation

To enable usable knowledge to be produced, companies require a uniform approach for the administration and use of their documents and information. Enterprise Content Management puts the ideal conditions in place for this.

ECM itself is part of a comprehensive information strategy. ECM software brings together structured, poorly structured, and unstructured information and makes it available centrally – and entirely digitally. Analog data is transformed into digital information and made available to users in the format that they need and prefer.

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How Enterprise Content Management Supports You

Expert Info on the Digitalization of Processes at Your Company

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