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  • Customer Management and ECM

    Clear Information Structures for Targeted Customer Management

ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS helps companies win customers and assists their customer management in the long term. The creation of digital records such as customer, supplier or project records gives you a complete view at all times of all information, documents, and e-mails. You then have a better overview of your customer and supplier relationships and business processes – and can identify product and service requirements at an early stage.

You can improve your CRM communication in the long term, both internally and externally. Immediate information availability considerably increases your employees’ responsiveness to customers, suppliers or partners. This in turn makes your relationship management easier, increases satisfaction – also on the part of your customers – and helps expand your after-sales services.

True ECM is Customer-Oriented. Across the Whole Business.

Kundenmanagement mit enaio® von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Integrated view of customers


Support with acquisition


Key figures for controlling


Optimize sales processes

Targeted and Sustainable Customer Management

Alongside the creation and management of all information pertaining to a customer (e.g. calculations, offers, and correspondence) enaio® offers you numerous reporting options regarding pipelines, leads, projects, and forecasts.

Based on the customer information in the ECM system and extensive analyses of customer processes, customer groups can be segmented or classified, and customer profiles and requirements identified.

The base element of a more efficient customer management with enaio® is the electronic customer record which bundles together all relevant information on the customer and the customer relationship on a digital and context-specific basis.

Digital Customer Records – Central view of B2B and B2C information

One of the most widespread fields of use for electronic records is the customer record. This is a central element in customer management and provides a comprehensive view of all information about your customers (address data, contact histories, etc.) customer-related processes (quote creation, requests, etc.) and the corresponding documents (scans, e-mails, audio data, etc.).

In combination with enaio® ECM functions, customer records are also suitable for automated offer creation, for support & service ticketing or efficient processing of inquiries by prospects and customers. You enjoy a better long-term relationship with your customers and customer and employee satisfaction improve.


  • Optimized acquisition and management of customers and business partners
  • Improved overview of all B2B and B2C-relevant information
  • Automation of recurring processes through integrated workflow management
  • High acceptance through proven user-friendliness
  • Straightforward e-mail, Microsoft Office, ERP/financial accounting integration or TAPI connection
  • Ready for Mobile Working
  • Supports lead management, project sales, forecasting, and service

Benefits of ECM for CRM

  • Uniform view of all information, documents, and e-mails
  • Help with the acquisition of profitable customer segments and tailored customer loyalty measures through analysis of customer information
  • Sound decisions based on key figures such as budget discrepancy analysis, price controlling, throughput times for offers and order processing times through the analysis of sales processes
  • Support of sales controlling to optimize sales processes. Resulting individual service design with reference to specific solutions and accompanying services
  • Compliance with deadlines by means of dunning and retention periods
  • Online access to customer records by the sales employee also directly with the customer, so that current information is always to hand or is updated
  • Provision of information for customer segmentation, market research or advertising

Contract Management with enaio®

Customer contracts, contract information, and information on contract partners and content can be summarized in uniform, digital contract records. With enaio® you can control the value of existing purchase or service contracts, the scope of existing rental and leasing obligations, and the overall costs of completed contracts at the push of a button, to name just a few options. This improves your responsiveness because all contracts and other documents for a business process or a business partner are immediately to hand.

The preconfigured rights system ensures comprehensive access protection to the contract processes. The management of deadlines and retention periods is automated based on the specified contract data, and additional deadlines can be manually specified and monitored. Contract records enable you to represent relationships to other contracts and to define internal responsibilities and external persons involved in the contract. The contract record is designed in such a way that the transfer of business partner master data and contract data and documents can be configured from a leading ERP system such as an SAP system.

Informationsaustausch mit enaio®

Optimizing Purchase Processes with ECM Software

To decisively improve the results in your Purchasing department, above all you must optimize your purchase processes. enaio® is a powerful document management and business process management software solution, with which you can archive all of the data and documents relevant to Purchasing and decisively improve your work processes.

Our ECM software lets you manage information uniformly in digital supplier records and, by means of digital workflow management, use effective mechanisms for process acceleration. Via preconfigured interfaces enaio® can also connect digital supplier records with ERP and CRM systems.

Here’s What Our Users Say About Customer Management

Thomas Bicher

“Our overall costs have fallen, every item of information is found much more quickly and easily, and responsiveness has been increased. For example in customer management no files are stored in the wrong place any more. In addition, employees are more independent and no longer need to be at a specific location to view customer records. In an international company, it is this lack of dependence on location in particular that is so beneficial.”

Thomas Bicher Head of IT, Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH

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