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Software für Macher

Achieve more together. Collaboration Management with the ECM software enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS facilitates and improves cooperative working – from person to person, team to team, location to location, and beyond. The objective of Collaboration Solutions is to make better use of existing synergies by means of consistent digitalization. All documents and information can be viewed and edited by all authorized employees, passed to an integrated workflow system and sent – between locations and different companies.

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True ECM Promotes Team Work. Across the Whole Business.

enaio® unterstützt die unternehmensweite Zusammenarbeit

Bundle information centrally


Made for business collaboration – electronic records


Mobile workaround for optimized synergies


Accelerate processes with digital workflows


Incorporate Microsoft, e-mail, etc.

Bundling Information Centrally

What use is it when every item of information is present but it is all distributed throughout the company in an unstructured way? With its collaboration solutions, Enterprise Content Management helps you to organize the daily flood of mainly unstructured data and information using a common platform. The point here is not just to enter, archive, and manage information using a Document Management System (DMS) but also to keep it up-to-date and to make it available to authorized employees at all times.

One of the main points of enaio®, the ECM software of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, is therefore the central administration of business-relevant information. All of the documents managed in the system can be viewed, edited, and sent by any employee with appropriate authorization, preventing unnecessary journeys and saving time.

  • Central management of business-relevant information
  • A uniform, expandable information platform
  • Reliable, controllable access and authorization system
  • Context-based search functions
  • All important information in a single record
  • Single Instance Store
  • Flexible provision via internal and external references
  • Versatile application areas

Made for Business – Electronic Records

Fruitful collaboration arises when the type and content of data and documents combine to create intelligent objects (electronic records) containing all the information required for sensible working. These intelligent objects are called electronic records (e-records) in which the data records and documents created are combined and managed in folder structures.

Digital records by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS can be individually adapted to the relevant task, the company, or the industry. For example, there are electronic customer, supplier, patient, personnel, project, transaction or contract records, and many more besides. The full benefit of e-records arises when they are combined with the wide variety of functions of our ECM system – e.g. with electronic folders, internal references or follow-ups, and subscriptions.

Mobile Workaround

Not only are your employees more mobile than before, they are also more demanding in terms of what they expect from mobile working. The ECM software enaio® speeds up processes and communication beyond the boundaries of particular locations or countries. The flow of information from person to person, location to location, and department to department is always ensured, regardless of the place of work or working hours.

The provision of mobile access to data and information for you and your employees enables difficult coordination and information processes to be minimized, improving collaborative efficiency and response times. Field employees, partners, customers, and suppliers can be incorporated via mobile enaio® solutions and also via special integrations such as Java-based portals, XML-based web services or Microsoft SharePoint). A secure rights system protects critical information against unauthorized access.

Mobil besser arbeiten mit enaio®

Worldwide mobile access to company information

Variable access per app or browser

Continuity for important work and business processes

Maximum security for data protection and access rights

  • Standardize and accelerate important processes
  • Audit-proof process recording
  • Simplified data and information exchange
  • Automation of documentation

Optimizing Processes with Workflows

Excellent digital structuring of workflows and business processes is essential for collaboration. The workflow functionalities integrated in enaio® ECM software consistently support collaboration. The use of digital workflows standardizes, accelerates, and records important workflows – be it the shared creation of documents, decision-making processes such as approvals and authorizations, data exchange or communication with other departments.

Business Process Management with OPTIMAL SYSTEMS means an optimum management, control, and acceleration of all processing steps. In short: improved process quality. The cooperation of all those involved is considerably improved, transport and lead times disappear almost completely, and costs are reduced.

Incorporating Microsoft, E-mail, Etc.

A further significant component of a digital collaboration system: the interplay with other applications and with e-mail programs (Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise, IBM Notes, etc.), Office or business applications.

The integration of ECM functionalities into Microsoft Outlook allows the targeted storage of e-mails and documents in the ECM system – at the click of a button. The information they contain is then visible for all authorized persons together with other documents on the same business context.

A major advantage of integrations: your employees can continue to work in the usual work environment – e.g. Word, SAP etc. – and still use the wide variety of functions offered by enaio® ECM software. Time-consuming training times are therefore minimized or avoided entirely.

  • Deep connection to ERP, CRM, or other specialized systems
  • Direct incorporation in Microsoft Office
  • Employees continue to work as before
  • Comprehensive e-mail management including automated archiving

5 Smart ECM Features for Easier Collaboration

  • Automatic notification

    enaio® subscriptions save you unnecessary notifications within a team. By subscribing to documents, you are notified automatically of changes to an object. Follow-ups are the reminder function in the ECM system.

  • Practical links

    In enaio® knowledge can be profitably distributed both internally and externally – through the simple use of links. Links are possible to documents, directories, portfolios (document collections), and so on. It is also possible to link to documents from other departments.

  • Bundle knowledge

    Portfolios function in a similar way to a collection of links and combine any number of documents, directories, addresses, etc. according to a specific topic or project. They therefore permit an independent view on information.

  • Noted

    Notes and comments help promote a rapid exchange of information between enaio® users. Notes can be created on individual enaio® objects and can then be searched for. In addition, documents, registers, and so on can be linked with each other. Comments enable documents to be masked, e.g. using virtual slides. The actual content of the document remains untouched.

  • Keeping tabs on history

    The ECM software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS can be used to version documents even when, over time, they are present in different file versions (Word, PDF, etc.). New team members can then view the editors, changes (using the document comparison function), and times at which a document was created.

Business Collaboration with ECM – a Strong Customer Focus (Videos in German)

Sven Erik Sahrhage, Group Process Management

“The advantage is the central information base: everyone knows that they can access information quickly and where to find it, which leads to improved collaboration between employees.”

Edeka Minden-Hannover Stiftung & Co. KG

Ingo Maschauer, Project Manager

“We are very happy to have completed the project in February (2012, editor’s note) at our five locations. There has been a high level of acceptance and the anticipated process speeds have in fact been exceeded.”

Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG

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