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Software für Macher

Business Process Management comprises a number of complex processes. Making these transparent and simplifying them by means of new synergies is one of the key objectives of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software. Our ECM system enaio® optimizes the flow of information from person to person and location to location.

Business processes can be modeled, controlled, monitored, and developed using digital workflows by incorporating documents into individual work steps. This can take place across the company – whether dealing with incoming mail or vacation requests, quote generation, in project management, approval processes, and more besides.

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True ECM is Process-Optimized. Simple. Across the Whole Business.

Identifying and Representing Processes

A Business Process Management system must be able to represent very different processes, which may be sharply or loosely defined, depending on their type and the nature of the company. An absolutely fixed definition of process flows will not help here, however, since it would not allow spontaneous variations to be accommodated.

Digital process optimization with our software for Enterprise Content Management is not just only about the end result of being able to control business and work processes at all stages of the value creation chain. Rather, enaio® is mainly about how this objective is achieved. Every aspect of the processes and workflows is checked and optimized over again, until automation runs smoothly and the best – rather than merely the first – result is obtained. With the help of genuine ECM software, your company is able to do all the things it has always done even faster than before.

  • Control your business and work processes effectively and make them transparent and accessible
  • Coordinate the work of employees optimally
  • Consistently improve the quality of your work
  • Achieve company objectives quickly and reliably
enaio® Notebook

Immediate access to all company information

Documents are available in the right context

Automated reminder and information functions

Incorporation of electronic signatures for greater security

Improved inter-departmental cooperation

Digitally Accelerating Document Processes

Business Process Management is mainly used to handle complex processes such as automated invoice receipt. But what is not widely known is that digital document management is of considerable assistance for a lot of business processes – providing the BPM software offers a sufficiently broad range of functions. A document management system enables immediate access to all information, across the whole business.

The set-up of electronic records makes e-mails, letters, offers, invoices, contracts, and documents available in the correct context. Numerous ECM functions support the document workflows. Follow-ups ensure that deadlines are not overlooked and provide the required documents. Subscriptions automatically notify colleagues of changes to documents, folders, etc. E-mail attachments no longer contain any large files but links to records, saved queries, etc. Several people can work on the same document at once.

The result: employees find the required information more easily and can complete their work more quickly.

ECM Workflows

A major advantage of business process optimization with ECM is the automation of frequently recurring work processes, for example for forwarding incoming mail. This takes place with the help of enaio®’s workflow management.

Yet however perfectly processes are organized, there must remain room for spontaneous decisions. That is why the workflow module by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enables the implementation of both fixed and situation-related ad-hoc processes. These smart-structured workflows keep processes flexible, leaving your employees room for personal decisions such as asking questions or granting additional approvals.

There are then almost no limits on how processes can be modeled. For example, the processing and distribution of incoming mails can be structured – right through to a complete solution with automatic data comparison with leading technical applications such as ERP systems. In addition, workflows by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS can also be started from external applications.

  • Automates recurring workflows
  • Fixed or situation-specific workflows
  • Logs documents and transaction data in workflow records
  • Improves team coordination
  • Incorporation of electronic signatures for authentication
  • Deputizing rules in the event of vacation or sickness
  • Connection to subject applications and external applications including automated data comparison

BPM with ECM by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS – a Strong Customer Focus (Videos in German)

Lars Forchheim, Project Manager

“The major benefit for us is having a central place where the documents are located.”

MSG Management- und Servicegesellschaft für soziale Einrichtungen mbH

Bernd Schwietering, IT Manager

“The benefit of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is that we can represent other workflows in addition to the patient records.”

Maria-Hilf hospital in Stadtlohn

Mobile Business Processes – BPM While on the Move

Mobile working is becoming an ever more important part of working life. In addition to accessing e-mails and appointments via tablet, smartphones, etc. for those who work in the field such as supervisors, installers or sales employees it is important to be able to initiate processes regarding orders or logs when on the move.

Mobile document management with OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is the ideal solution capable of meeting all major requirements when working on the move. It makes available the functions and information of the ECM system enaio® – worldwide and at any time. The ECM system is accessed via a browser or app.

Mobil besser arbeiten mit enaio®

Access important information anywhere, anytime

Start and process workflows when on the move

Accelerate mobile approval and recognition processes

High security due to protected data exchange and authorization system

  • Monitors and logs all business processes
  • Comprehensive records management
  • Improves quality management
  • Provides for audit-proof archiving
  • Optimizes the derivation of business processes

Process Mining and Records Management

Process mining and process transparency are key to the representation of workflows in many different industries including manufacturing, logistics, commerce, banking, pharmaceuticals, and other regulated sectors. BPM based on ECM offers comprehensive logging functions for this and supports the evaluation of all processes – particularly as part of compliance-compatible corporate management.

All business processes can be systematically recorded and archived carefully and correctly (records management and document management). As a result, the best possible use can be made of business documentation – whether electronic or hard copy – throughout its lifetime. In addition to the technology deployed, e.g. Enterprise Content Management, records management also comprises strategies by which to resolve organizational requirements.

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