Software für Macher

Software für Macher

The textile and clothing industry has for years relied on international procurement strategies. The result of continuing globalization is that value creation chains become longer, more complex, and liable to disruption. Every company in this sector sees itself not only exposed to extreme competition but ever shorter product and innovation cycles. These challenges can only be overcome by sustainably increasing efficiency.

Here is where the highly specialized ECM system can make a valuable contribution. Extensive digitalization of information processes leads to enormous potential for optimizing processes, including global sourcing, innovation and quality management, product lifecycle management or time to market. Our software solutions standardize and automate processes along the entire supply chain. Procurement, production, and distribution processes are significantly easier to manage and noticeably quicker as a result.

Industry Events (in German)


Manage documents on a single platform without media discontinuities.


Tailored to the needs of the textile and clothing industry.


Uniquely diverse range of interfaces to Office, ERP, and specialist applications.

Solutions for the Textile & Clothing Industry (Video in German)

  • Digital records like customer, delivery, HR records, and contracts
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Digital workflows
  • Connection to business software applications (e.g. Materials Management, Personnel)
  • Connection to customer, supplier, applicant portals, including data transfer
  • Contract management
  • Mail management and invoice management
  • E-mail management
  • Microsoft Office integration

References from the Textile & Clothing Industry (Selection)

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