Software für Macher

Software für Macher

Official requirements leveled at regulated industrial companies with regard to the safety of drugs and medical devices are getting more and stringent. At the same time, information and documents in connection with the production process and licensing are today almost exclusively digital. These requirements can best be met using a system for Enterprise Content Management – with the ECM system enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS also offers special solutions for the pharma and medical technology industry: validated, tried-and-trusted best-practice systems ensure that this digital information and these documents can be better created and managed. Such solutions are available in the areas of quality management, controlled QM documents, change control management, incident management, and contract management.

Industry Events (in German)


Preconfigured best-practice solutions reduce costs and shorten installation times.


Validated solutions with tried-and-tested functions ensure secure work processes.


Company-wide provision of current documents and a controlled document lifecycle.

Solutions for Pharma, Medical Technology, and Chemical (Selection) (Video in German)

  • Quality Management
  • Controlled QM Documents/SOP Management
  • Change Control Management
  • Regulatory Affairs DMS
  • Incident Management
  • Customer Complaint Management
  • CAPA Process
  • Deviation Management
  • Contract Management

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