Software für Macher

Software für Macher

Each industry sector is unique and requires specialist software. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers specially developed solutions that take into account the specific requirements of your industry sector. Our Enterprise Content Management adapts itself to your core business and the interwoven process chains in your sector – and not vice versa.

The basis of our industry solutions is our ECM system enaio®. The universal solution platform offers seamless integration into the IT landscape and can be expanded into a central information platform as solution after solution is added. Data and documents are managed on a structured basis, business applications integrated, and processes accelerated – for much greater efficiency.

ECM für Automotive und Zulieferindustrie

Automotive Supplier Industry

In the automotive industry, the renewal of industrial processes (keyword: “Industry 4.0”) leads to ever increasing volumes of information which must be processed correctly and efficiently – enaio® helps you master this challenge.

ECM für Banken und Versicherungen

Banks & Insurance Companies

The banking and financial sector requires efficient, powerful, and secure digital process structures – these are provided by the industry-specific ECM solutions based on enaio® and are capable of far more than merely managing data.

ECM für die Immobilenbranche

Construction & Real Estate

In construction and real estate, a huge volume of data and documents is generated by the coordination of construction work, tenants’ communication, and contract management and dunning systems. All of this data can be sensibly managed and linked using enaio®.

ECM für Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben

Government Agencies and Public Safety Authorities and Organizations

The police and other public safety authorities and organizations (in German BOS) have especially demanding requirements regarding the management and evaluation of their data.

ECM für Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft

Energy Sector

To meet the specific requirements of the energy industry, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has developed enaio®, an industry solution which is able to save, identify, process, and make accessible relevant information company-wide.

ECM für das Gesundheitswesen

Health Sector

Intelligent applications such as digital patient records combine information centrally, link it intelligently, and accelerate processes. The ECM system enaio® provides the basis for this – and can do so much more besides.

ECM für Einzel- und Großhandel

Wholesale & Retail

Today, the digitalization of documents, standardization of recurring processes, and well-designed data management are essential requirements for competitiveness. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers tailored solutions here.

ECM für Logistikunternehmen

Logistics & Transport

Increased costs, faster delivery times, and more stringent safety and environmental regulations are testing many companies in the logistics industry. Efficient information management with enaio® helps with optimization.

ECM für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Mechanical Engineering & Plant Construction

The ECM system enaio® accelerates the working processes in mechanical engineering and plant construction thus enabling higher productivity: from planning, construction, calculation, and manufacture to Sales, Service, and Controlling.

ECM Lösungen für die Öffentliche Verwaltung

Public Administration

E-government and the increasing digitalization of the public sector give rise to completely new possibilities for government agencies and authorities. The Enterprise Content Management system enaio® helps you exploit this potential.

ECM für Pharma, Medizintechnik, Chemie

Pharma, Medical Technology, & Chemistry

With solutions based on the ECM system enaio®, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS complies with the special requirements of industrial companies in a regulated environment. The preconfigured best practice solutions reduce costs and shorten installation times.

ECM für die Textilindustrie

Textile & Clothing Industry

As a central information platform, enaio® helps to standardize and automate processes along the entire supply chain. Procurement, manufacturing, and sales processes are easier to control and considerably faster.

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