Software für Macher

Software für Macher

Climate change, energy revolution, and grid expansion are just some of the challenges facing the energy sector. Companies that wish to remain competitive in the long term must be both productive, innovative, and highly efficient.

Expertise in the challenges of the energy industry gained over a period of years – and being in constant touch with our customers – has enabled OPTIMAL SYSTEMS to develop a specialized document management system with which you can digitalize your documents and a high percentage of your business processes. Our ECM system enaio® offers intelligent technologies and tools with which relevant information can be saved, identified, processed, and made accessible across the whole business.

enaio® is modular in design and adapts to the circumstances and requirements of your IT landscape. Each individual software module generates added value for your company. Taken together, the components represent a powerful infrastructure in which standardized processes run automatically, freeing up your employees to concentrate on their core tasks again.

Industry Events (in German)


Manage documents on a single platform without media discontinuities.


Tailored to the requirements of the energy sector.


Uniquely diverse range of interfaces to Office, ERP, and specialist applications.

Solutions for the Energy Sector

  • Digital document management
  • Digitalization of paper archives
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Digital records such as customer, project, supplier, house connection, personnel, and contract records
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Digital workflows
  • Connection to GIS
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Contract management
  • Digital workflows for incoming mail & invoices
  • E-mail management

References from the Energy Sector (Selection)

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