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Software für Macher

Today, the real estate industry comprises far more than the construction, refurbishment, and management of real estate objects. Forward-looking asset management has long become integral to growth and success. Legal regulations require an even better perspective for investment decisions, forcing companies to adopt a sustainable information management system.

The enaio® ECM system by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS makes an important contribution by efficiently managing both documents and all information outside of documents. The coordination of construction work, communication with tenants, and the management of contracts and reminder notices gives rise to large quantities of data and documents. A high level of digitalization and the creation of a powerful IT infrastructure makes it easy to record and use this information. Yesterday’s administration is transformed into tomorrow’s management without the need for extensive training or transition periods.

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Manage documents on a single platform without media discontinuities.


Tailored to the requirements of the construction and real estate industry.


Unique variety of interfaces to Office, ERP, and business software applications

Solutions for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

  • Digital document management
  • Contract management
  • Automated process execution
  • Digital records such as tenant, house connection, contract records
  • Real estate management
  • E-mail management
  • Digital workflows
  • Quality management and knowledge management
  • Compliance (audit-proof archiving)
  • Complaint management
  • Automat. processing of incoming mail and invoices
  • Meeting management

Tenant & Real Estate Records – An overview of all your real estate, for satisfied tenant

The management and administration of different properties requires a clear view of all information in connection with the buildings and leases. The digital tenant and real estate records provide just that – and more.

You receive a detailed view of your real estate inventory, documents, and the status of the rental object (modernization measures, individual invoices, current building projects, etc.). Specific information can be accessed at will, enabling you to respond immediately to inquiries from tenants or agents.


  • Structured filing of inbound and outbound documents and receipts relating to tenants or real estate
  • Immediate access to all relevant information
  • Close connection to business software applications such as SAP RE-FX, Blue Eagle or CRM systems with automatic transfer of master data when new records are created
  • Integrated workflow system, e.g. for approval of business documents
  • Follow-ups and deadline management
  • Client-compatible ECM system as basis for digital records

References from the Construction & Real Estate Industry (Selection)

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