Software für Macher

Software für Macher

Whether in the transport, rail, shipbuilding or aerospace industry: nothing drives the automotive industry quite like innovation. The fundamental renewal of industrial processes under the slogan “Industry 4.0” has led to an increasing volume of information that must be correctly and efficiently processed. This is precisely where the industry-specific Enterprise Content Management software by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS comes in.

Our ECM software enaio® helps the supplier industry to process data and documents efficiently. All information is captured in full, linked together according to context, and made available across the whole business..

enaio® adapts itself to the mature IT infrastructure, integrates existing applications, and enables networking with a powerful knowledge database. The result: the performance of your company can be consistently increased along the entire value creation chain.

Industry Events (in German)


Relevant information is efficiently entered, administered, and distributed.


Tailored to the needs and requirements of your company.


Unique variety of interfaces to Office, ERP, and business software applications.

Solutions for the Automotive Supplier Industry (Video in German)

  • Digital document management
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Digital order, customer, project, supplier, personnel, vehicle, and storage records
  • Automat. mail management
  • Automat. invoice management
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • E-mail management
  • Contract management
  • Digital workflows (e.g. for approvals)
  • Rendition management
  • Transmittal management
  • Meeting management

References from the Automotive Supply Industry (Selection)

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